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Special offers can change without notice.
Please see our FAQ for details on how special offers can be used or combined. Thank you
CLOSEOUT ALERT - All yarn and needle supplies are being closed out. Please see the discount code and details below.

  • YARN-NEEDLE CLOSEOUT We are closing out all yarn and needle supplies. Please note that all yarn is already reduced up to 45% off, so no coupon code is needed. Free shipping does not apply on closeout merchandise. If "no other discounts apply" notice is on the listing page, that means that the lowest discount has already been applied to the price of that product and no coupon codes will be accepted. Other knitting and crochet supplies will be discounted up to 40% off the regular price before you are charged. If you have questions, please contact us.

  • Gift Cards not sure what to get? Simply order a Pioneer Heritage Gift Card for your favorite person! Order Gift Cards Here. Please note: our business name is Friesen Country Shops, DBA: Pioneer Heritage Shoppe.

  • Standard offer Free Shipping on qualifying orders of $99.00 or more. (USA only) Excludes closeout, backorders and custom gifts unless otherwise stated on the order page. See Terms

  • Customer loyalty discounts are available, so if you are a repeat customer (since January 2017) and haven't received your 10% loyalty discount, please contact us.

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