Medium Corn Hot Pack

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Our Medium hot pack is the perfect kids size heating pack! Adults use them for back, tummy, feet warmers and bed warmers. Kids just love our Heritage Holistic Corn Heating Packs to keep them warm in bed. Many parents have reported that their children use them for comfort much like a security blanket to help them sleep securely.

Heritage Natural Corn Heating Packs are moist penetrating heat that promotes healing and relieves pain. Our microwaveable natural corn heating packs relieve tension, pain including menstrual, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain and owees for young and old alike. Our Heritage moist hot packs are made with corn that has been washed and sterilized and is the perfect natural heating pad choice. Our Pioneers would surely have preferred our Heritage Heating Packs over the warming of coals to warm their beds! Heritage heating packs feature durable 100% cotton liners and quality flannel shams to keep the heat of the pack from being too hot against your skin. All shams are removable and washable. So get your Heritage Holistic Heating Pack exclusively handmade from Pioneer Heritage Shoppe. Quality handmade gifts are our speciality!

Note: There are many other types of microwavable heating packs such as rice, herbs and spices. We do not use these as they are an extreme fire hazard and some of these actually release toxins when heated. We do not recommend using them. Corn is the only product that provides the 'moist heat' that your body needs to eleviate pain.


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Material & care


  • Approx. 8" wide x 15' Long
  • Approx. 2 lbs

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