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Special offers can change without notice.
Please see our FAQ for details on how special offers can be used or combined. Thank you

  • Take Additional 25% Off CLOSEOUT YARN with qualifying orders of $50.00 or more. Just use this coupon code CLOSEOUT25 during checkout.

  • addi Special Offer Order $50.00 or more of any addi needles or accessories and take 15% off your order. Just use this coupon code addi15 during checkout. Excludes backorders.

  • FREE Order $50.00 or more of any Addi product and you will receive a FREE addi circular needle. Just enter FREE-ADDI-NEEDLE in the comments box during checkout.

  • Standard offer Free Shipping on qualifying orders of $99.00 or more. (USA only) Excludes closeout, backorders and custom gifts unless otherwise stated on the order page. See Terms

  • Customer loyalty discounts are available, so if you are a repeat customer (since January 2017) and haven't received your 10% loyalty discount, please contact us.

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